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Solicited Advice: Bonus Content
A very intimate 25 minutes

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A very intimate 25 minutes

with me and your voicemails

Hello and happy TTPD eve to all who celebrate. Have you all read/seen this? I haven’t had a chance to read yet (need a hot cup of tea, an oversized blanket and at least an hour of uninterrupted time). Tavi taking a cue from Thanksgiving 2023 and distributing copies all around indie bookstores in NYC. If you’re there, grab me a copy?

Welcome to the first inaugural episode of Solicited Advice, BONUS CONTENT! It’s a quick 25 minutes of questions from your perfect, lovely voicemails that I simply love to listen to and answers from….me. Just me.

If you would like to know:

  • My picks for eating in Midtown NYC (if you must)

  • Why I don’t wear an apron

  • How to get your stainless steel pans clean once and for all

  • How I source products for First Bloom

  • Where you should buy a ham and what to ask for (ham season is year round and you know it)

  • What nail polish I’m wearing on the cover of Sweet Enough

  • What’s the easiest way to cook a whole fish (with recipes)

Then you will love today’s bonus episode. If you have a thirst for knowledge but no time for a podcast, I’ve also journaled my little heart out for a more throw-back version (originally “Chef’s Kiss” appeared as a written-only segment on this here newsletter).

As a reminder, if you have a question that you’re dying to have answered, you can reach us at (856) 502-4816 or fill out the Google form here. To do it LIVE, you can get tickets here*

*note: Brooklyn night one SOLD OUT, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle nearly sold out, so get on it if you wish to come!

Thank you for subscribing, for listening, for being here! See you next time.

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Solicited Advice: Bonus Content
Quick episodes of questions from your perfect, lovely voicemails and answers from just Alison. Call 856-502-4816 to solicit advice on a future episode.
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