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Mar 21·edited Mar 22

"I hate to say it, you hate to read it, we all know it's true."

I laughed a proper out-loud snort laugh.

And there are SO. MANY. THINGS about which this is just totally true. Let's all just dump the artifice & be real. Thank you, Alison!

And man....Mint & Chip Ice Cream .... what kind of garbage person do you have to be to NOT like it? (....I'm guessing War Criminals. I bet War Criminals don't even like it. And that's the real reason they're tried at the Hague). But yeah... Its just one of the sublime things of this mortal life: The Sistine Chapel. Bach's Mass in B Minor. The perfect blood-red lipstick. A dog's gloriously big, sloppy, unconditional love. Those precious, life-giving early stages of falling in love. Radiohead's "OK Computer." The opening-credits scene( in the airports) of "Love Actually"....

... And Mint Chip Ice Cream.

These are just facts.

Bless you sis x.

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Can you make an ice cream cake with a gluten-free cake (like flourless chocolate)?

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What a fun cake - plus it's bake once, serve dessert twice! Can't wait for the book to arrive. Your eggplant parm is the best I've tried, we make it often and it's always a hit.

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Really can’t express how much my boyfriend loves hearing “bad girls club!”

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