Can this be done with a slab of, say, halibut or cod?

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Ooops! Just reread the recipe and, of course, the recipe can be used with many different types of fish. My bad.

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How bout some veg home movies? 🥦🫛

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I roasted two whole local red snappers over the weekend for my family. Everyone was super impressed and I did almost nothing. The fish did all the work for me. I will try this one out too.

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Sep 6, 2023·edited Sep 6, 2023

Can you explain more about reusing the olive oil? I don’t pour it back into the container obviously…. But what? Glass jar on counter? In fridge? How long is it good for?

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Following! Did you ever get an answer?

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ALISON, G*DAMNIT YOU GOT EFFING **MARRIED**??????? Honey, some of us saw the tiny little thank-you, way back in your book, maybe thanking "BHB"? Was it, & I was like, "maybe that's her partner." And then I thought, "HE BETTER TREAT HER RIGHT, DAMNIT."...

Then you mentioned some break-up stuff, some time to heal, time to grow... then a few tiny glimpses of another dude... tall, he was spotted here & there in some vids/instagram... & I thought, "damnit he better be good to her"...

...& then the podcast w/ Dax & you mentioned having a boyfriend & I was like, "oh good - I hope it's this same guy & things are going strong & all is well, and she is being LOVED & CHERISHED & CHAMPIONED by someone w/ a good, decent heart. With maturity. With integrity.

...And then, out of nowhere, I guess THAT guys' gone and... ya got an engagement ring on holding blueberries? There's a people article w/ some dude named Max?... And some shots on Instagram of you and a frankly BEAUTIFUL MAN w/ dark hair .... & Then a suggestion and a poloroid that seems to say that... you actually ......got married??? Girl I feel like one of my most beloved girlfriends from high-school or college finally found the love she genuinely deserved... & it's hard not to feel really personal about it!

Happiness - true happiness - is so moving. When it happens to anyone, but esp. when it happens to someone you care about. Someone you're rooting for. And have been rooting for, for a long time. I can't tell you how happy I am for you, & how much I'm rooting for a deep, sweet life with this man. Really - you might not realize how many of us really want your happiness. You put a lot of good into the world - a lot of sass, but a ton of good as well! - & I just wish you every healthiness, every sweet thing that a good love has to offer.




Dr. Mary Hampson Patterson

"Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist,

 and into them enters Suffering,

 in order that they might have existence."

Leon Bloy, 19th c.


For copies of Dr. Patterson's book on the English Reformation:

https://www.amazon.com/author/dr.mary.hampson.patterson, or:

DOMESTICATING THE REFORMATION:  Protestant 16th c. Best-Sellers, Private Devotion & the Revolution of English Piety

....for individuals, university courses, seminaries or libraries, please contact Fairleigh-Dickinson Press, Associated University Press, or Amazon.

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