goodbye meatballs

hello, YouTube!

Good morning, newsletter subscribers!

Happy Tuesday! Just a note to let you know I am once again making (my) home kitchen cinema dreams come true at [REDACTED] street in Brooklyn, New York.

Today is the debut of HOME MOVIES on that very up and coming platform, YouTube. This channel will be a mix of newsletter recipes, cookbook recipes, Q+A’s, and lord knows what else (fun things, probably). I am very grateful to once again be making these silly (but also informative and hopefully helpful!) little videos in my kitchen, and extremely excited to share them with you. Dan Hurwitz and David Cho worked very hard and spent thousands of hours texting with me to make these Home Movies gorgeous and funny while I mostly just ate various snacks all day, so THANK YOU to David and Dan.

FIRST UP: Meatballs! Specifically, Goodbye Meatballs from this very newsletter. I ate many meatballs this day, and if I had to do it all over again, YOU KNOW WHAT? I WOULD. They really are that great.

We hope you like them! (I’m told liking and subscribing is important, so I hope you quite literally click the “like” button, in addition to actually enjoying the videos).

Thank you for tuning in, and see you next (and every) Tuesday at 11 am EST for more HOME MOVIES!