Alison: I'm so happy for you! Your work has brought me so much joy. Cooking is more fun than ever thanks to what I've learned from you. And your videos are the best -- and freaking hilarious. You have a tremendous gift. Best wishes on your tour. I'm hoping to see you in L.A.. Great venue, BTW. Big Little Lies vibes. You'll kill it! Be well. Be safe. Be happy.

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I am so excited for your new book - I can barely stand it!

There is a very old (West Coast) commercial for a retailer, "Mervyn's." The commercial features a lady in her hair in rollers with a scarf over her head, looking in the window, quietly whispering..."Open, Open, Open..."

That's how I feel about your next book. Yes, I pre-ordered it the second it was announced. I am that woman in the commercial! So many Congratulations!...

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Hi Ms. Roman,

I just watched your video. It was fun.

You said that you use King Arthur brand all purpose flour. On Stella Parks advice I switched from King Arthur all purpose flour to Gold Medal.

For your readers, this is because King Arthur all purpose flour has a high protein content, as high as some brands of bread flour.

Do you recommend that I buy King Arthur all purpose flour for use with your recipes or is it okay to use Gold Medal?

Thank you,


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Has anyone made the raspberries with sour cream beyond delicious dessert yet? Well I did and all I can say is thank you Alison for that great recipe it is the perfect simple dish that is so satisfying!

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Mar 7·edited Mar 17

I grew up eating bananas and sour cream (sprinkled with a little sugar) for dessert. That, latkes and fried matzoh were the only three things my dad made. My Mom liked peaches and sour cream, or berries. We had it all.

My dad was Jewish and my Mom was Episcopalian. When they got engaged, their parents didn’t come to their wedding because they were both the “wrong” religion for the other’s parents. So my parents raised us without any religion at all because they said it only divided people. Cool. I agree.

Eventually, when they started having their four kids, our grandparents came around.

So even though we never ever had any religion in our house. we still celebrated all the holidays, Jewish holidays like Passover and Rosh Hashanah, and Christmas, Easter - but just the food part of the holidays. My mom learned to make matzoh balls and blintzes and Hamantaschen, chopped liver, all things she didn’t grow up eating that my dad loved. And my dad made a few of the Jewish foods he could do well.

We always had bananas sprinkled with sugar over sour cream as a snack. Nobody we knew growing up ate that, so I just assumed it was “Jewish food” that my dad invented. 😂 I still eat it, and so do my adult kids. I wonder if it is a Jewish thing? We also had Graham cracker mush - Graham crackers mushed up in a bowl of milk. I think my dad invented that. So maybe that’s a Jewish food too?

Thanks for reminding me how much I love the fruit and sour cream combos!! I’m gonna get a fresh container of sour cream today.

I can’t wait to get your book. I have the others and they’re great!

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I love King Arthur flour. We’ll all love your new cookbook I’m sure. Happy touring.

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Hi Alison, congrats on your book and tour! Will the books at the Skylight event in LA be signed, or are you sticking around after to sign them?

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