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Hello and welcome to a very SPECIAL Home Movies Tuesday! If you’ve found your way over by some miracle but are not yet subscribed, here, let me help you with that:

Hello and welcome to our very special Home Movies THANKSGIVING SPECIAL. In the spirit of GRATITUDE, please give a warm round of applause and give thanks to everyone who made this possible: 

Dan Hurwitz, David Cho, Grace Palmer, Maureen Kuhl, Yves Albaret, Michael
, Dennis Thomas, Andrew Kong, Ian Miller and of course, Jane Morgan (plus, a special additional THANK YOU to queen of queens, Meg Stalter for your audible cameo, heck yes!). You’re all invaluable and talented and I am grateful for your beautiful brains and how good you make these videos. WE HAVE FUN! I LOVE YOU!

The days were long, the edits were grueling, but the food was good and the vibes were high. We are so thrilled to share what is effectively a full-blown movie featuring a 16.7 pound turkey, three sheet pans, and lots of celery. 

This week’s video is decidedly more about *gestures* the whole meal, to give you a feel on what to expect, when to do what when, and to see how many times David tries to hide from the camera.

Next week, look out for individual videos/poetic newsletters for each of the recipes (as much as I’m sure you’ll want to hear me scream SANDRA BULLOCK again and again, sometimes, you just want the recipe), plus more “hosting tips” like how to fit twelve people at your eight-person table, a few recommendations for some perfect wines to drink and eventually, what to do with all those leftovers.

Please tune in tomorrow, on this very newsletter, for a lively ongoing OPEN THREAD DISCUSSION for all your Thanksgiving questions and answers (available to paying subscribers only). See you there!

I don’t want to be too preachy that this menu is designed to be enjoyed together, so just know you can always take what you like and leave what you don’t. But, also know that there really is a rhyme and reason why each thing here exists and why my table wouldn’t feel balanced without it (my Libra rising, very concerned with balance).


Yes, there are two since one would be lonely 🥺. There’s a leafy, bitter, herby salad and a tangy, juicy, fruity salad. While each unique in their own ways, they both act as palate cleansers, a butter reprieve, a welcomed break from gravy and allow you to continue eating more gravy. Making two is optional, but making one is mandatory.


Three sides, to be exact, all with their own precise and unique role to fill. Roasted squash with brown butter walnuts and sticky dates (sweet, tender, salty). Roasted green beans and mushrooms (frizzled, crispy, savory). Leek and greens gratin (crunchy, creamy, green). If someone suggests you only need one side, reschedule.


This year, I’m feeling like a baby, so it’s gotta be a pot of mashed. You’ll never hear me recommend this again, but this year, not gonna lie: FEELS RIGHT! Equal parts yukon gold and russet, heavy cream and lots of buttermilk for a “make it tangy but keep it light” vibe, and some smashed cloves of garlic that get melted into the potatoes. They’re a little lumpy-on-purpose because wherever I can get it, I love a suggestion of texture. No ricer/masher required, because you know I don’t own either.


It’s perfect, you’ll love it, and if you’re worried about the amount of celery involved, I have somehow failed building up the proper level of HYPE for this perfect and underrated vegetable. It’s classic, like an old pair of Levi’s that make your butt look great. Make two pans of it for a next day gift to you and yours.


If one more person asks me if I’m SURE you can roast a turkey on a sheet tray without anything bad happening I will have to come to your house and roast it on the sheet pan myself. YES, I’M SURE! You will be sure, too, after you do it. Serve the shallots roasted alongside doused in vinegar for a delightfully tangy side, then use the pan drippings to make a gravy seasoned with mustard and a bit of soy. Pour it all over your plate and maybe yourself.


Call me boring, I’ve heard worse! I’ve done all the things to an apple that can be done in the spirit of this meal. Pies, tarts, galettes, deep dish galettes, puff pastry wrapped apples, etc. etc. etc. But truthfully, there is truly nothing better than a thin, perfect, buttery crust topped with a layer thinly sliced apples, brushed with browned butter and sprinkled with cinnamon laced brown sugar (and some flaky salt!). When all is said and done, the crunchiness, size, flavor and texture of this simple tart….simply…can’t be beat.

And please click HERE for all the recipes in one convenient PDF! Thank you to the gorgeous Eva Zar for these photos, more soon!

If you’re struggling to start your list of things to be thankful for this year, start here: For this land we live on that did not (and does not) belong to us (here’s a great site to find out what Native Land you’re living on, consider setting up an annual donation). For the food we can afford to buy, cook and eat (consider setting up an annual donation to your local food bank- click here to find yours). Gratitude! Pass it on!

Thank you for watching, see you next week for more Home Movies!