wearable recipes

c'est chic!

There comes a time in every person’s life where they must ask themselves: "How much do I really love brothy beans? I say I love The Shallot Pasta, but do I really love love The Shallot Pasta? What if I’m at someone’s home and they ask me to make The Cookies but there’s no internet and I don’t have my copy of Dining In with me, only the shirt on my back (God, I wish this shirt had the recipe for The Cookies on the back!)?

We’ve all been there!

GREAT NEWS, THOUGH: Today’s the day you can finally purchase apparel with Brothy Beans, Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread and Thee Shallot Pasta front and center, with recipes on the back (well, except for the beans, which is more of an essay. Walking around with an essay about beans on your shirt? THAT’S FASHION, BABE!).

Photography by Michael Grayon and Nikole Herriott with prop styling by Amy Wilson (cookies) and Kalen Kaminshi (pasta) from our collective cookbook/column journey together.

Please find all the information to buy HERE! A portion of proceeds will go to The New York City Food Bank!

Thank you in advance you agreeing to wear beans on ur shirt!