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You Can Take Away Our Parties, But You Can’t Take Away Our Shrimp Cocktail

Back to cooking on Zoom, IF WE MUST

Anchovy-Rubbed Rib Roast (bing bong)

We All Have Layers, Just Like This Lasagna

Soup Queens

A Long December

The Best Latkes You'll Ever Make

shallot pasta! goodbye meatballs! spaghetti carbonara!

more wearable recipes

A Thanksgiving Schedule & Grocery List

It's a Tart, It's a Galette

Turkey on a Sheet Pan

If You Make One Thing for Thanksgiving


Sides Sides Sides



Extra Sheet Pan Sauce, Dinner Party Finances, Uses for Herb Stems and more!

wearable recipes

a truly chaotic 20 minutes of cooking

hot for frittata

lentils (daal) with fried lemon and garlic

gentle lentils

i made david spicy fried chicken for his birthday

summer isn't over till September 22nd or: how I learned to stop worrying and love banana cream pudding

hot dog party

A Clam Pasta Gal in a Shrimp Scampi World

another use for cottage cheese, finally

giving credit, best practices for ribs, and more pie FAQ

A whole grilled fish? You shouldn’t have.

chicken soup for summer colds

So You Want To Bake A Pie

some people call green beans "bobbies" and, well, that's simply delightful

Corn Season™ is here

summer citrus chicken, say that a million times fast

slow-cooked tuna with red onion and white beans

my best friends are clams

three (3!) spectacular stunning summer salads

click to watch me cry

my favorite processed food, wedding cake advice and what dutch oven is the right dutch oven for you

Supreme Cutlets (do you get it?)

crispy cutlets, the recipe

denim jackets, crispy cutlets

it’s a shortcake, it’s a cobbler, it’s a strawberry shortcake cobbler

less of a pasta turned into salad and more of a salad made of pasta, you know?

charred kale frittata

so you want to go camping

I really care about this chicken

pie crust troubleshooting, making Brené Brown proud, and more

have you even ever had a pancake?

it's a ME problem, not a sheet pan problem

shrimp scampi defining life's purpose

can you think of anything more fun than the two words "shrimp scampi"?

This! Is! Chef's! Kiss!

key lime pie

spring chicken with crispy leeks

buttered salmon with red onion, capers and dill

Chef's Kiss

spaghetti carbonara with a side of vulnerability

matzo brei, for when you're done with matzo balls

matzo ball soup

Cooking HOTLINE + new class dates

spiced, braised short ribs (2.0)

happy anniversary to us

creamy potato leek soup, your favorite creamy soup

citrus marmalade

marmalade, i love you, but you're bringing me down

sticky cinnamon rolls

a little eggplant parm

a pot of brothy beans

a little eggplant parm

sticky apple cake

shrimp cocktail

one-pot chicken with caramelized lemon and dates

goodbye meatballs

kitchen essentials pt. 1

cinnamon rolls (the musical!)

sticky cinnamon rolls

i'm sorry, i can't, dont hate me

potato leek soup